Rebranding of Dialogwoche Alkohol — an initiative to encourage an open conversation about responsible consumption of alcohol
Mental Health Emojis
Custom made emojis for Mental Health within the campaign #DarüberRedenWir
👉8.9 million+ views
👉Free download
Campaign to raise awareness for citizens, especially minors, who are not allowed to vote in the upcoming election 2020, even though born + raised in Vienna
Campaign to end stigmatization of mental illnesses or How to get a city talking about mental illnesses
👉first giphy stickers for mental health in the DACH area 🧡
✨PRVA Staatspreis Digitale Kommunikation + Top 5 European Excellence Awards ✨
the 'ronamoji project
collection of custom made emojis (in progress)
👉 emoji suggestions welcome!
UI/UX design, custom icons and illustrations for a real estate service provider ​​​​​​
👉53 custom icons to showcase every aspect of their service
Campaign for a non-restricted and affordable access to psychotherapy
👉restrictions were repealed in some Austrian areas
Campaign against the illegalization of naturally grown CBD and CBD-related products
🥳 20.858 people signed our petititon to secure CBD
👉Decision of the EU Commission: CBD is no addictive substance
Sei amol g'miasig!
Campaign to encourage consumption of regional and organic vegetables and promote a healthier lifestyle for the people of Styria​​​​​​​
Retouching + Packaging Design for the relaunch of Austrian tea brand Milford
👉 CCA Award Bronze