brutstådt is a design studio specialised in visual identity systems founded by Dåna Liv Bayomy. She is a designer and art directrice and currently based in Vienna.  She strives to create impactful design solutions and identity systems that are simple, timeless and easily scalable.
selected brands + clients
Augustin, Aktionsfinder, Bellaflora, Der Dachverband, GARDENA, Greiner, jö Bonus Club, Milford, Psychosoziale Dienste Wien, puck Immobilien App, Sky Sport Austria, Tiergarten Schönbrunn, ZUEGG, Verein Wiener Jugendzentren, WienTourismus, wienwork, Wiener Linien​​​​​​​
standards + values
I am happy to work with you, if you find yourself in the following standards and work ethics:
​​​​​​​You support others to thrive, independent of their gender identity. You offer equal pay and equal opportunities. 
You care about the impact your actions have on the world around you.​​​​​​​ You are aware that your actions lead to consequences and take responsibility for them.
project over person + pricing (1) a creative should always be the best possible fit for a project to ensure best results for the brand. If I feel another person might be better suited to work on your project, I reserve the right to forward a project. This concept also means (2) not charging per hour but per value—you will not get any time logs or estimations based on hourly rates , since I do not consider this an accurate representation of project value or creative service.
Ladies, wine & design vienna
I'm a proud member of LW&D Vienna, a conversation series to connect, inspire and empower women in the creative industry ➔ see more info + event details
Lürzer's Archive—custom-made lettering for GARDENA campaign 'spiderweb'
Lürzer's Archive—A1 Digital campaign to help companies to digitize their future
CCA—WienTourismus campaign 'To Art its Freedom'
CCA—WienTourismus campaign 'Vienna Summer Night Concert"
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