client info / affiliation
Agency client — Pick&Barth
in cooperation with Fabian Pimminger
Project summary
Campaign against the illegalization of naturally grown CBD​​​​​​​
creative services
☒ art direction
☒ visual identity (campaign visuals, typography, color schemes)
☒ web design (wordpress, based on avada)
☒ campaign material (brochures, poster, press material, sticker, give-aways, ...)
☒ social media grid and single post templates + content creation
☒ giphy sticker
case​​​​​​​ details
CBD has growing popularity among the Austrian population: according to a recent study* 78% are in favor for an unrestricted access to CBD and CBD-related products like oils and tees. CBD can help with nausea, stress and pain and has been used for medical reasons for thousands of years. 

Despite CBD not having any psychoactive effects (aka you will not get high), the EU wants to limit access to naturally grown CBD and is threatening to illegalize CBD from natural resources. This poses a huge threat to Austrian farmers—hemp production and manufacturing of CBD-related products is a growing economic factor and accounts for 1.500 jobs. The campaign #CBDbleibt raises awareness for the upcoming events in the EU decision making processes and startet a petition to convince the Austrian government to take a stand against the illegalization and to provide a legal framework for CBD in Austria.
*SOURCE: Befragung zur Bekanntheit & Nutzung von CBD, Studiennummer 6267, INTEGRAL Markt- und Meinungsforschung, Juli 2019
Color scheme for the campaign #CBDbleibt
Benefits of CBD
Email and Social Media Header for the campaign #CBDbleibt

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