client info / affiliation
in cooperation with Fabian Pimminger
Project summary
Rebranding of Dialogwoche Alkohol — an initiative to encourage an open conversation about responsible consumption of alcohol
creative services
☒ art direction
☒ visual identity (typography, visuals, color schemes)
☒ custom icon set
☒ campaign material (whitepaper, shareables)
☒ web design (sketch)
case​​​​​​​ details
Fluchtachterl, Glasweckerl, Beiwagerl, 16er Blech — the Austrian language offers a lot of innocent or funny expressions for the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Yet, only a few people question their drinking behaviour or ask themselves 'How much is too much?'. In addition, the Corona pandemic is and was an enormous burden for many people and alcohol consumption increased, which further led to a dramatic increase in domestic violence and abuse. Alcohol consumption tends to be played down in Austria and alcohol dependence as a serious disease is still a taboo subject.

The initiative "Österreichische Dialogwoche Alkohol" informs and educates about alcohol and the impact it has on the human body: in the course of more than 300 events and actions, alcohol and its effects were openly addressed. 

Within the 2021 campaign, their visual identity was refreshed and refined to appeal to a younger audience and fit a modern conversation about drinking.

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