client info / affiliation
Agency client — Pick&Barth
in cooperation with Fabian Pimminger and  motionsclips
Project summary
Campaign for a non-restricted and affordable access to psychotherapy
creative services
☒ art direction
☒ visual identity (campaign visual, typography, color schemes)
☒ web design (wordpress, based on avada)
☒ campaign material (square fold brochure, poster, reminder cards)
☒ social media templates
Logo Visuals for the campaign #mehrpsychotherapiejetzt
case​​​​​​​ details
Although the WHO predicts a future rise in demand, psychotherapy is financed by the government for only 1% of the Austrian population. People in need for counseling either have to pay for themselves or have wait for years to get treated. Additionally, the COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on mental health, for both current as well as future patients. To educate people about psychotherapy and the variety of methods and benefits and to raise awareness for the growing demand, the campaign #mehrpsychotherapiejetzt counteracts the most common prejudices about psychotherapy.
Typographic poster for the campaign #mehrpsychotherapiejetzt
translation (1) "'Because you're NOT just lying on a couch. Psychotherapy has a lot of different methods but not everyone can afford it." (2) translation "Because it's NOT all your mother's fault. Psychotherapy offers more explanations but there is not enough capacity." (3) translates to "'Because mental health can NOT wait. Psychotherapy must be open to anyone but affordable access is restricted."

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