client info / affiliation
Agency client — Pick&Barth
in cooperation with Fabian Pimminger
Project summary
Campaign to end stigmatization of mental illnesses
creative services
× art direction
× visual identity (campaign visual, typography, color schemes)​​​​​​​
× campaign material (brochures, poster, freecards, pins, sticker, info sheets, OOH)
× social media templates
× giphy Stickers
× Instagram AR filter 
case​​​​​​​ details
Calling in sick due to a mental illness should be like calling in sick because of a cold. Sadly, for most people this has yet to become a part of everyday culture. The stigma around mental illness is still strong and lies heavy on the affected, friends and relatives. To create awareness and normalize the behavior with and around mental illness, the campaign #darüberedenwir starts the conversation — with political stakeholders, the media, the public and people affected directly or indirectly by a mental illness. Main emphasis of the campaign lies on information + education to counteract existing preconceptions about various types of illnesses. Campaign materials include, among various social media content formats, Out-Of-Home advertisements in public transport, a guide for talking about mental health, stickers & freecards, infosheets and videos.

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