Custom illustration of a Viennese "Grätzl"
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in cooperation with Offroad Communications
Project summary
UI/UX design, custom icons and illustrations for a real estate service provider ​​​​​​​
creative services
☒ web design (wordpress, based on avada)
☒ custom icon set
☒ illustration
☒ animated gif illustration
case​​​​​​​ details
Communication is everything when it comes to living together—but sometimes this doesn’t come as easy as you’d wished it would. puck, the friendly ghost, tackles those problems by facilitating communication between residents and property management. Leaking pipe in you apartment? Let your property management know within the click of a button. New restaurants and shops in your area? puck has got you covered. Updates on the construction development of your building? puck lets you know.  

A custom icon set visualizes the variety of benefits for different stakeholders, custom made illustrations and animations provide low-threshold access and explain core functionalities in a modern and timeless way. The website was redesigned and re-clustered with focus on maximum compatibility with SEO requirements to generate leads. 
Custom illustration of the puck ecosystem

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