client info / affiliation
Agency client — Pick&Barth
Project summary
Campaign to raise awareness for citizens, especially minors, who are not allowed to vote in the upcoming election 2020, even though born + raised in Vienna
creative services
☒ art direction
☒ visual identity (campaign visual, color schemes)
☒ campaign material (free cards, poster)
☒ social media templates
☒ Instagram AR filter "wien30"
Logo visual for the campaign #wien30
case​​​​​​​ details
Approximately 30% of the Viennese population are not allowed to vote due to a lack of official citizenship. This inequality is especially present among the youth, who are not able participate in the political development of the country they were born and raised in. To raise awareness for this topic, the campaign #wien30 visualizes what is left, when 30% are missing—in food, in places, in culture.

For visual representation, a grid overlay is split into 100 parts. Then, 30 pieces were selected for each artwork to cover up important parts of the image. This mechanism was also used for audio and text: 30% of interviews or short videos were bleeped or removed to show what is left when a third of the content is gone. Campaign materials include posters, free-cards, stickers, videos (even its own music video) and an Instagram AR filter to let Vienna experience what is left behind when a third is not present.

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